New Forums

Pursuant to the desires and wishes of the senior (senile?) leadership of this clan, I have removed the aged, decrepit, moldy, and slightly disturbing old forums.  We’re starting over with a fresh makeover of our new forums.

It will take a little while to get things re-posted (server rules, clan roster, recruiting principles, etc…) but with your help, we can get this done.  If you haven’t already done so, please pop over to the forums and register yourself a spanky new account.

The Chaddilac

So, The CoS Recruit committee Rocko, and WD40 went to the mall and sat on Santa Craw’s knee. Santa Craw asked ” now now my little cs players, what would you like for Christmas?” Rocko chimed in and said ” Id like a Beer Buddy to take with me to the D.R.” Rufus thought a minute and said ” I’d like a golf game so as to keep my favorite greenskeeper from resodding his golf course every time I play” Jerf piped in and said ” Santa Craw…. Id like a set of metric adjustable wrenches so I can fix my 67 satellite!”
Santa Craw then looked way down to the whimpering WD40 and asked ” How but you? ya little whiner, hurry up and tell me, I don’t have all day!”

WD looked at Santa Craw with those sad eyes he always has (like when Sk!ds score is better than his ) ” Id like to sponsor kip or Chadillac to our Clan.” Please Santa Craw let him in.”

So. Please welcome for the holidays, Chadillac to the CoS recruit status. He has played on our server for a while and it is about time that we give him a shot to make it through the grueling hazing process. Do what we always do, teach him the secret handshake, turn him into various colors, drug him and what ever we do to get him past the 15 days..He is a fairly good guy that has problem with his identity one day Kip the other Chadillac, settling in on the latter.

Welcome chad we hope you make it…lol.

Cheers and Happy Holidays. (when we finally get there)

We’re Back!!!

Hi everyone.

As you can see, we’re in the process of getting the website back up and running properly.  There will be some changes to the site.  Most notably, we’ll be switching back to the ‘old’ forums.  Please be patient with us while we get things rearranged and running again.

The Kiwi

Hi folks,

Yes, its the Holiday Season! So we are to celebrate the holiday by welcoming a new recruit. You may say, “Sk!d” What the hell do we need a new recruit for? My answer might be: ” Well, its the holiday season and we need someone new to haze” or I may say ” With a name like Steinlager, Rocko would be first in line to sponsor him.” But in reality, Stein has played on our server for a while and has played with honor and worthy of an invite to the clan..

So, Lets welcome him, teach him the secret handshake and tell him that shooting the Sk!d is forbidden to recruits. Also, the pinkness, drugged and all that jazz in the hazing is recommended. Please help him with his 15 day probationary period. When you see him welcome him.

P.S. Rocko did sponsor him


Zoom Zoom

Hey Gems, and Lady,
Please welcome as a new recruit  Mazdaspeed.  He has played with honor and worthy of recruit status.  When you see him extend the welcome and please let him in on the secret handshake and dance.  I think killer could demonstrate the latter. Somewhat like a squat thrust but different.  Anyway.. help him through the 15 day probation and hazing period and I’m pretty sure he will make it through with flying colors (pink perhaps)
Welcome Mazda

Well Hello, Junior!

It is my pleasure to announce a new recruit in our mitts, his name is Temper Jr. He has played as a junior member for some time and upon his eleventh birthday became eligible to be recruited.  He is our Temper Sr.s son. (notice I have not included his rank because of possible court martial procedings ) jk.  Please welcome him, show him the handshake and for those who can do it, Turn him pink on occasion.  He has already seen the required video and is ready for battle.
Welcome good luck on your probation… hehe hehe